Recyclable Items

All CRV products

All metal products

All paper products

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Books/magazines/junk mail/phone books
    • Paper of all colors and types
    • Young Orchard paper sleeves
    • Office paper, shreds, envelopes
    • Newspaper

Plastic products

  • All plastic products grade 1-7
  • 1 gallon thru 5000 + gallon barrels/tanks (empty, dry, & residue free)
  • Jugs, containers, totes, garbage cans, baskets
  • Empty triple rinsed pesticide containers/jugs
  • Crates, bins, totes, cans, buckets, trays
  • Clamshells, packages, corrugated plastic boxes
  • Drainage pipe – any length or thickness, single wall or corrugated
  • Irrigation tube/pipe/hose/tape
  • Film – Bin liners, covers, drapes, bags, empty fruit sacks, fumigation film
  • Shrink wrap, bubble wrap
  • Super sacks, cargo sacks
  • PP/PET strapping
  • Plastic twine
  • Toys, mixed miscellaneous plastics
  • Almond mound covering film from hullers
  • Vineyard rain cap film covering
  • Post industrial Manufacturing scrap plastic/purges
  • Young Orchard sleeve guards